Maquenque National Park

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Maquenque National Park
Location Costa Rica
Established proposed
Governing body National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC)

Maquenque National Park is a proposed National Park, which would form part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area, in the northern part of Costa Rica. It would bring together a number of existing Nature Reserves, Wildlife refuges and Forest Reserves to form a new National Park. The park would cover areas between the San Carlos River and the Sarapiquí River and other areas near the Nicaraguan border.

Among the existing reserves that would be consolidated would be Cerro El Jardin Forest Reserve, Cureña Forest Reserve, Laguna Maquenque Wetlands and the Lacustrino de Tamborcito Wetlands. The area contains large amounts of Almendro trees (Dipteryx oleifera), a favored food source of the Great Green Macaw,[1] which has led the World Parrot Trust among other organisations to campaign to create this national park.


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Coordinates: 10°26′55.04″N 84°16′34.93″W / 10.4486222°N 84.2763694°W / 10.4486222; -84.2763694