María Chacón Rendón

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María Cecilia Chacón Rendón is a Bolivian lawyer, political scientist and the former Minister of Defense.[1] As of taking office on 6 April 2011, she became the first woman to occupy that office. She served as General Director of Multilateral Relations (Spanish: Directora General de Relaciones Multilaterales) and Chief of Cabinet for the Vice Ministry of Foreign Economic and Commercial Relations (Spanish: Jefa de Gabinete del Viceministerio Relaciones Económicas y Comercio Exterior) in the Foreign Ministry under President Evo Morales.[1] She also worked in the Water Ministry.[2]

She resigned from the post of Minister of Defense during the 2011 Bolivian protests in reaction to the governments violent crackdown on demonstrators opposed to a highway project in a national park.


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