Maratona di Sant'Antonio

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Maratona di Sant'Antonio
Prato della valle padova.jpg
Prato della Valle, Padua's central square, is the race end point.
Date April
Location Padua, Italy
Event type Road
Distance Marathon
Established 2000
Official site Maratona di Sant'Antonio

The Maratona di Sant'Antonio (also known as the Maratona S. Antonio and Padua Marathon) is an annual road running competition which takes place in April in Padua, Italy. The event features a full marathon race (42.195 km), a half marathon, and a range of shorter fun run events for amateurs.[1] The competition is named in honour of Anthony of Padua, a 13th-century saint who died in the city.

The first marathon held in the area was the Vedelago Marathon, which was a national level race organised by the Gruppo Atletica Vedelago between 1988 and 1999. Another group, Assindustria Sport Padova, took over management of the marathon in 2000 and the race became an international one. Its route was also changed, with the start point remaining in the comune of Vedelago and the finish point being moved to Padua.[2][3] A new course was introduced for the 2011 edition, which began in Campodarsego and found its end point in Padua's large city square – the Prato della Valle.[4]

The marathon race has incorporated the Italian Championship in the event, hosting the national title event in 2005 and 2006.[5][6] The event has also included a hand bike race for disabled athletes and former race-car driver Alex Zanardi won the 2011 competition. A total of 3384 runners finished the half marathon and marathon at that year's event, which was broadcast on television domestically via Rai Sport 2.[7]

The success of African runners at the marathon drew the ire of Pietro Giovannoni, a local politician and Lega Nord member, who said public funds should not be used to support a race won by foreigners. The city's deputy mayor Ivo Rossi condemned the comments, saying they were idiotic and damaging to the region's image.[8]

Past winners[edit]

Vedelago Marathon era[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1988  Paolo Ravaglia (ITA) 2:36:46  Luigia Casagrande (ITA) 3:18:14
2nd 1989  Paolo Ravaglia (ITA) 2:35:39  Laura Zanini (ITA) 3:21:41
3rd 1990  Maurizio Zanfavero (ITA) 2:31:41  Luigia Casagrande (ITA) 3:30:38
4th 1991  Oddone Tubia (ITA) 2:26:43  Laura Zanini (ITA) 3:17:17
5th 1992  Luigi Albertini (ITA) 2:31:17  Maria Rita Zanaboni (ITA) 3:15:20
6th 1993  Oddone Tubia (ITA) 2:32:39  Loretta Mocellin (ITA) 3:26:58
7th 1994  Silvano Gambarotto (ITA) 2:23:55  Monica Casiraghi (ITA) 3:14:22
8th 1995  Diego Paioni (ITA) 2:25:14  Maria Forza (ITA) 3:02:17
9th 1996  Silvano Gambarotto (ITA) 2:21:27  Danila Moras (ITA) 3:03:03
10th 1997  Massimiliano Bogdanich (ITA) 2:22:50  Anna Boniolo (ITA) 2:53:52
11th 1998  Silvano Gambarotto (ITA) 2:24:10  Anna Boniolo (ITA) 2:59:03
12th 1999  Giorgio Calcaterra (ITA) 2:19:26  Anna Boniolo (ITA) 3:00:45

Maratona di Sant'Antonio era[edit]

Key:   Course record   Country's championship race

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2000  Migidio Bourifa (ITA) 2:13:55  Franca Fiacconi (ITA) 2:30:20
2nd 2001  Gideon Chirchir (KEN) 2:11:51.8  Rosaria Console (ITA) 2:30:54.4
3rd 2002  Douglas Rono (KEN) 2:11:01  Giovanna Volpato (ITA) 2:37:23
4th 2003  Dawit Terefa (ETH) 2:10:37.7  Marcella Mancini (ITA) 2:36:14.0
5th 2004  Benjamin Korir (KEN) 2:10:43.5  Tiziana Alagia (ITA) 2:32:02.6
6th 2005  Paul Lokira (KEN) 2:11:24.3  Ivana Iozzia (ITA) 2:35:54.4
7th 2006  Ruggero Pertile (ITA) 2:11:17.8  Marcella Mancini (ITA) 2:34:51.8
8th 2007  Paul Kogo (KEN) 2:10:38.8  Vincenza Sicari (ITA) 2:30:34.7
9th 2008  Francis Kirwa (KEN) 2:11:00.6  Marcella Mancini (ITA) 2:35:24.1
10th 2009  Ben Kipruto (KEN) 2:09:42  Woynishet Girma (ETH) 2:31:03
11th 2010  Gilbert Chepkwony (KEN) 2:10:46  Nguriatukei Kiyara (KEN) 2:30:19
12th 2011  Tadese Tolesa (ETH) 2:09:02  Florence Chepsoi (KEN) 2:29:25
13th 2012  Robert Kwambai (KEN) 2:09:14  Marily dos Santos (BRA) 2:31:55
14th 2013  Paulo Roberto Paula (BRA) 2:13:00  Hanane Janat (MAR) 2:36:18
15th 2014  Pharis Kimani (KEN) 2:12:03  Fatna Maraoui (ITA) 2:36:32
16th 2015  Robert Kipkemboi (KEN) 2:09:32  Nancy Githaiga (KEN) 2:41:28
17th 2016  Ruggero Pertile (ITA) 2:12:16  Federica Dal Rì (ITA) 2:37:04
18th 2017  Michael Kunyuga (KEN) 2:10:43  Fatna Maraoui (ITA) 2:32:52


Multiple winners
  • Marcella Mancini (2003, 2006 and 2008 winner) is the only athlete to have won the race on multiple occasions
Winners by country
Country Men's race Women's race Total
 Kenya 12 3 15
 Italy 3 12 15
 Ethiopia 2 1 3
 Brazil 1 1 2
 Morocco 0 1 1
  • Note: Statistics are for Maratona di Sant'Antonio era only


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