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Marc Froment-Meurice (born October 30, 1953 in Tokyo)[1] is a French writer and philosopher.


Born in Tokyo October 30, 1953 to a French diplomat father and a mother who was graduated from the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA).

Much of Froment-Meurice's education occurred abroad, in the USSR, Egypt, then in Paris at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in 1968, then at the Lycée Pasteur in Neuilly, where he received his baccalaureate in philosophy in 1970. He conducted studies under François Fédier and Jean Beaufret (Lycée Condorcet). He has also worked in cinema with Jean-Pierre Mocky and with Philippe Attuel. Froment-Meurice holds a D.E.A and a Doctorate degree from Vincennes University (today Paris VIII) under Daniel Charles. His thesis concerned the work of John Cage and Martin Heidegger, and was defended in the presence of John Cage at Nanterre on October 24, 1979. He also holds a second doctorate degree (doctorat d'État).[2]

From 1980 to 1983 he worked at the C.N.C for the Commission d’Avances sur Recettes, and at the I.N.A at the radio archives. He has also worked at the publisher Éditions Gallimard as a reader (lecteur), from 1980 to 1989. That occurred before his departure to the USA where he was invited as a professor at various US states' higher education institutions. Froment-Meurice is a member of the College international de philosophie and currently teaches at Vanderbilt University.


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  • Sartre et l'existentialisme, Nathan, 1984.
  • Heidegger. Qu'est-ce que la méthaphysique ?, Nathan, 1985, 1999 pour la nouvelle édition.

Translations and presentations[edit]

  • Rodolphe Gasché, Le Tain du miroir. Derrida et la philosophie de la réflexion, Galilée, 1995.
  • Werner Hamacher, Pleroma. Dialecture de Hegel, Galilée, 1996.


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