Marching to Mars

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Marching to Mars
Studio album by Sammy Hagar
Released May 20, 1997
Recorded 1996–1997
Genre Hard rock
Length 50:58
Label MCA Records
Producer Mike Clink, Mickey Hart
Sammy Hagar chronology
(Van Halen)Balance1995
Marching to Mars
Red Voodoo
(1999)Red Voodoo1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars Review

Marching to Mars is Sammy Hagar's first post-Van Halen solo album. It is his tenth solo studio album. It features various musicians on different songs. It was released on MCA Records, which had by that point acquired his former label, Geffen Records. "Little White Lie" was a major mainstream rock hit, topping the mainstream rock tracks chart for five weeks.

Song information[edit]

  • "Leaving The Warmth Of The Womb" amounted to a Montrose reunion. The sessions also had a rerecording of the Montrose classic, "Rock Candy", which can be found on the CD single release of "Little White Lie".
  • "Kama" is described by Hagar as the Sanskrit translation of "love". It was written for his daughter, whom he had given the word as a name.
  • Written while Hagar was still in Van Halen, "Amnesty Is Granted" was previously recorded by Meat Loaf for his album Welcome to the Neighborhood. Hagar played guitar and sang backing vocals on that version. According to Hagar's autobiography, he wrote the song about being able to be with his newfound love away from his ex-wife Betsy.
  • "Salvation On Sand Hill" is co-written by Brother Cane's vocalist/lyricist/guitarist Damon Johnson who says, "...Sammy was inspired to write those lyrics after I showed him a book I had been reading: Salvation on Sand Mountain, which is about the worship rituals of some churches in Northeast Alabama..." [1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Little White Lie" (featuring Slash) (Sammy Hagar) – 2:54
  2. "Salvation on Sand Hill" (Hagar/Damon Johnson) – 5:01
  3. "Who Has the Right?" (Craig Chaquico/Hagar/Jesse Harms) – 5:20
  4. "Would You Do It for Free?" (Hagar/Harms) – 4:30
  5. "Leaving the Warmth of the Womb" (Hagar) – 5:06
  6. "Kama" (featuring Matt Sorum) (Hagar/Harms) – 5:20
  7. "On the Other Hand" (Hagar) – 2:42
  8. "Both Sides Now" (Hagar/Harms) – 4:27
  9. "The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned)" (Hagar) – 6:02
  10. "Amnesty Is Granted" (Hagar) – 4:23
  11. "Marching to Mars" (Hagar/Mickey Hart) – 5:09

Japanese release bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Ether" (Hagar/Harms) – 1:09
  2. "Wash Me Down Again" (Hagar/Harms) – 6:05


  • "Little White Lie" US (Track Factory TRK5P-3964)
  • "Little White Lie" b/w "Rock Candy" Japan (MCA Victor MVCE-9002)
  • "Little White Lie" b/w "Rock Candy" b/w "Ether" Europe (Track Factory TRD 49036)
  • "Both Sides Now" (Radio Edit) b/w "Both Sides Now" (Album version) US (Track Factory TRK5P-90091)
  • "Both Sides Now" (Radio Edit) US (GKS Entertainment 8125)
  • "Marching To Mars" (Radio Edit) b/w "Marching To Mars" (Album version) US (Track Factory TRK5P-4011)
  • "On The Other Hand" b/w "Right Now" (live) US (Track Factory TRK5P-4158)
  • "Kama" (Radio Edit) b/w "Kama" (Album version) Asia (MCA TRK5P-4095)


All tracks were produced by Mike Clink, except for the title track, which was co-produced by Clink and Mickey Hart.


  • MCA Victor (Japan) : MVCE 240 10
  • Track Factory (Europe) : TRD 11627
  • Track Factory/MCA Records (Canada) : TRKSD 11627


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