Margaret Stefana Drower

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Margaret Stefana Drower

Born1911 (1911)
Died2012 (aged 100–101)
Parent(s)Edwin and Ethel Stefana Drower
Academic background
Alma materUniversity College London
Academic work
Sub-disciplineAncient Near East
InstitutionsUniversity College London
Notable worksFlinders Petrie: A Life in Archaeology

Margaret Stefana Drower MBE (1911–2012) was a historian of Ancient Near Eastern History and Egyptology. She was awarded the MBE and elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.[1][2] She wrote the definitive biography of Flinders Petrie.[3]

Early life[edit]

Drower was the daughter of Edwin Drower, a British diplomat, and Ethel Stefana Drower, an anthropologist, specialist on the Mandaeans and (under the name E. S. Stevens) a well-published author of romantic novels. She was a student of Flinders Petrie, Margaret Murray and Stephen Glanville, and become one of the first Egyptology graduates from University College London (UCL).[1]


Drower's excavations included Armant with O. H. Myers, Robert Mond and Ali Suefi, and at Amarna with John Pendlebury. Stephen Glanville recommended her for a post in the History department at UCL.

During the Second World War she worked with Freya Stark at the Baghdad Ministry of Information, using her skill as an Arabic speaker. After the war she returned to UCL to become a Reader in Ancient History and developed the Ancient History/Egyptology degree. After her retirement she became a Fellow of UCL and a visiting professor at the Institute of Archaeology.

She contributed to many books, especially the Cambridge Ancient History series, and documentary programmes on the ancient Middle East. Her key work was on the life and correspondence of Flinders Petrie.[1]


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