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Other names
Alternative spellingMargaret, Margarethe, Margareta, Margaretha, Margrethe

Margarete is a German feminine given name. It is derived from Ancient Greek margarites (μαργαρίτης), meaning "the pearl". Via the Latin margarita, it arrived in the German sprachraum. Related names in English include Daisy, Greta, Gretchen, Madge, Mae, Mag, Magee, Magdy, Magga, Maggie, Maggy, Maidie, Maisie, Marg, Margaret, Marge, Margery, Marget, Margo, Marjorie, Marjory, Matge, May, Meg, Megan, Mairead, Mer, Meta, Molly, Peg, Peggy, and Rita.

People named Margarete include: