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Marine Parade is an independent record label set up and owned by the breakbeat DJ and producer Adam Freeland in 1998. The name of the label originates from the street on which Freeland used to live in his hometown of Brighton, England, United Kingdom.

The label underwent some financial difficulties in mid-2004 when one of its distributors went into liquidation. This difficulty caused problems with the supply of the album You Can Be Special Too by Evil Nine. Only 1000 copies reached the stores, and it became a much sought-after record, with copies fetching up to $90 on eBay.[citation needed] The label has since recovered and re-released the record.

The imprint’s output has spanned everything from classic dance-music anthems like Freeland's We Want Your Soul and ILS' Next Level to Jape's space-folk hit Floating.

Marine Parade has released some enduring electronic albums, such as Freeland's Now&Them, Evil Nine's You Can Be Special Too, and ILS' Soul Trader. Many remixes have been commissioned from other esteemed dance-music acts, like Prins Thomas, Switch and D.I.M, and featured collaborations with artists ranging from Aesop Rock to Josh Wink and Tom Middleton.

Marine Parade has proven itself to be a launch-pad for new talent, having helped the career of Australian band Infusion, UNKLE collaborator Richard File (as Forme), and Björk musical director Damian Taylor (as Stone Lions). 2008 saw the second album from Evil Nine They Live.

The second Freeland artist album Cope™ was released on the label in 2009, featuring contributions from Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Alex Metric and Twiggy Ramirez amongst others. A double disc Cope™ Remixed compilation was released at the end of the year with remixes covering myriad genre, from Joker, Gui Boratto, Emalkay, Prins Thomas and Siriusmo. The label also released the debut album of PANTyRAiD (Ooah of Glitch Mob and MartyParty).

In 2010 Marine Parade released a single by label boss Adam Freeland titled 'How To Fake Your Own Life', which included a remix by Om Unit.[1]


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