Marist Brothers Secondary School, Dete

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Coordinates: 18°34′02″S 26°50′37″E / 18.567209°S 26.843735°E / -18.567209; 26.843735

Marist Brothers Secondary School, Dete
Type Catholic Co-ed (mixed) Secondary
Motto Scientia et Virtus
Established 1972
Founder Marist Brothers
Affiliation Roman Catholic, Marist Brothers

Marist Brothers Secondary School (MBSS), otherwise referred to as 'Marist Dete' is an elite co-educational (mixed) boarding secondary school located in Dete, in the Hwange district of Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland North Province.[1] The school was established in 1972 and is part of the international family of Marist schools run by the Marist Brothers, a Catholic society founded in 1817 by Saint Marcellin Champagnat in France.

The Marist Brothers Secondary School in Dete provides classes from Form 1 to Form 4. Most of the students come from the Hwange district (Dete, Hwange, Victoria Falls, etc.) and Bulawayo. Due to its high profile and excellent reputation, MBSS also attracts students from further afield, including the Midlands, Matebeleland and Masvingo provinces of Zimbabwe.

School history[edit]

Marist Brothers Secondary School Dete was opened in 1972, as a transfer from St. Mary’s Secondary School in Lukosi, Hwange.[2] St Mary’s Secondary School had been an old Catholic School run by the priests of the Hwange Diocese.

Marist Brothers Dete - school library

The Marist Brothers Secondary School in Dete has classes from Form 1 to Form 4. Academic subjects studied include English Language, English Literature, Ndebele, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Biology, and Bible Knowledge. The school also offers practical subjects including Metalwork, Bicycle Mechanics, Motor Mechanics, Woodwork (Carpentry), Needlework, and Cookery (Food and Nutrition). Typically, every student will produce and take home several pieces of furniture or clothing that they will have produced during the year, for their personal or family use.

Marist motor mechanics students and their teachers have, over the years, created usable motor vehicles using scrap. The most notable of these were Moonshine, a large truck that was used to ferry goods from Dete to and around the school, and Sunshine, a small 'body' on 'wheels' runaround vehicle used around the school and farm area. Typically, these vehicles were deliberately never developed to the point of being roadworthy, and were made to lack things such as wind screens, batteries, etc.

School life[edit]

The school is divided into four colour-coded 'Houses', Champagnat (Yellow), Lwanga (Red), Mafuyana (Green), and Mzilikazi (Blue). Champagnat House is in honour of Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist movement. Mafuyana House is in honour of the late mama Mafuyana, wife of the late Vice President of Zimbabwe and Nationalist Freedon Fighter Joshua Nkomo. The house was formally called Chaminuka.

There are eight blocks of residences, four each for girls and boys. Except for a few exceptions over the years, a student typically stays within his or her house throughout the four years at Marist. There are four dining halls, also divided according to the four houses. Here, boys and girls from the same house have meals together. Participation in sports, including inter-house competitions are also conducted according to one's house. Classes are otherwise mixed, although a system of awards, with these awards adding to the points that a house collects throughout the term or year. The house with the highest points (from sports, dormitory inspections, and class awards), become champions that year. Prizes have included a house picnic at one of the lakes near the school.


Various sports are available. The main ones are football (soccer), netball, tennis, volleyball, basketball and track events. Due to its better sporting facilities, particularly its large and many grounds, Marist Brothers Dete has traditionally been the host school for regional sporting competitions. Schools including those from Dete, Hwange, Victoria Falls, and the Lupane district, often converge at Marist Dete for their competitions. Marist has won several provincial basketball tournaments despite the fact that it does not have A'level students, a limiting factor in sports such as soccer.

Marist Old Students Association[edit]

Marist Old Students Association (MOSA) is a non-political and non-governmental Organization of the former students of Marist Brother Secondary Dete, Zimbabwe (MBSS). The organisation was formed to unite and forge ahead in promoting and fostering the growth and development of the former school and integrating those who share in the MOSA vision. This association or organization is a network of former and current MBSS students and teachers and those who share the same vision in the growth and development of the school world over. Membership is open to any person who may be connected to the school in one way or another. A mere interest and love of the school is but adequate qualification for one to take part in the discussions. The aims of the organisation are to seek ways of improving the standards of education, general conduct and to provide career guidance to those still studying at the school.

Vision: The vision of MOSA is to help the school/former school (MBSS) in its growth and development so that it may continue to produce a proud, useful and distinguished service persons—persons who will not only be of good and useful service to the school but humanity as a whole, that is, Zimbabwe, Africa and the World.

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