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Genre Telenovela
Created by Julio César Mármol
Written by Julio César Mármol
Laura Bottome
Melida Cristina Mármol
Directed by Olegario Barrera
Starring Daniela Alvarado
Carlos Montilla
Sonya Smith
Opening theme Perdóname Todo by Amaury Gutiérrez
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 113
Executive producer(s) Jhonny Pulido Mora
Producer(s) Hernando Faría
Location(s) Caracas
Editor(s) Ray Suárez
Original network RCTV
Original release November 17, 1999 – June 14, 2000
Preceded by Luisa Fernanda
Followed by Hay amores que matan
Related shows La mujer sin rostro

Mariú is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by RCTV in 1999.[1] It based on the telenovela La mujer sin rostro written by Julio César Mármol in 1984. Daniela Alvarado and Carlos Montilla starred as the main protagonists.[2]


María Eugenia Sampedro, simply known as Mariú is mistakenly caught up in the murder of Coralia Lozada de Gálvez, the beloved wife of Emiliano Gálvez. In a story of obsessive persecution, frustration, passion and desire, Mariú will fall in love with Emiliano, her prosecutor. She must choose between keeping the love of her life through silence or losing him by revealing her true identity.[3]



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