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Mark Clapham (born 29 January 1976) is a British author, best known for writing fiction and reference books for television series, in particular Doctor Who (and spin-offs) in his book (written with Eddie Robson and Jim Smith): Who's Next.

Clapham started out writing Doctor Who fan fiction and, through Seventh Door Fanzines, began to work with Lance Parkin. Notable fan fiction work included Integration, a novella in Seventh Door's Odyssey series, edited by Parkin.

Having been asked to write a New Adventure (a Bernice Summerfield novel for Virgin Publishing) for the November 1998 slot, Parkin found himself too busy with other commitments to write a book on his own and, with editor Rebecca Levene's blessing, brought in Clapham as a co-author. Between them, the two devised Beige Planet Mars, a campus mystery novel set at a Mars University. Clapham was later offered the final Virgin Benny slot and, with a tight deadline, brought in Jon de Burgh Miller as his co-writer on Twilight of the Gods.

Clapham went on to co-write The Taking of Planet 5 with Simon Bucher-Jones in the BBC's Doctor Who novel line, before eventually writing his first solo novel, Hope. He wrote a comic in Accent UK's Zombies anthology.[1] He has edited Secret Histories, a Bernice Summerfield anthology.

He has written non-fiction, both reference books for TV (often with Jim Smith) and magazine work (notably for the official Xena: Warrior Princess magazine). He is also one of the owners and reviewers on the Shiny Shelf web-magazine.

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