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Mark Darin
Occupation Game designer, graphic designer, writer

Mark Darin is an American computer game designer and writer. He was the co-designer of CSI: Hard Evidence, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Tales of Monkey Island,[1] and Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent. He wrote the second episode of The Walking Dead, Starved for Help.[2]


Mark Darin began his career creating the Nick Bounty series of freeware adventure games.[3] He joined Telltale Games as a lead designer and writer.


Tales of Monkey Island, for which Mark Darin was the co-designer, was nominated for "best artistic design" and won for the award for "biggest surprise" at IGN's Best of E3 2009 Awards.[4] After release, it won the PC Gamer 2009 adventure game of the year,[5] was nominated for the IGN best adventure game of the year for PC and Wii,[6][7] won the Adventure Gamers Best Adventure of 2009,[8] and was named the "Best Series Revival" by OC Weekly.[9]

The second episode of The Walking Dead, which Mark Darin wrote, won the GameSpy E3 2012 award for "Best Adventure Game".[10]



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