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Marmarabirlik logo.jpg
The Corporate Slogan
The Name of Olive
Summary of Marmarabirlik
The Members of Cooperatives Gemlik, Mudanya, Erdek, Orhangazi, İznik, Edincik, Mürefte, Marmara Island
Founded 28 June 1954
Headquarters Nilüfer, Bursa
Field of business Food
Products Green and Black Table Olive, Olive oil, Olive paste
Storage capacity 70,400 tons per year
Ranked 345th
Operating income 176,880,515 TL, or 118,000,000 $ (2010)
Export 32,438,329 TL, or 21,600,000 $ (2010)
Members 28,500 olive farmers
Packing & Production Capacity 150 tons/day table olive, 220 tons/day olive oil
Employees 624

Marmarabirlik is a Turkish olive-production company. It was established on 28 June 1954 as a Union of Agricultural Sales Cooperative (UASC), cultivating, harvesting and marketing of olives with mutual assistance and cooperation of region’s olive farmers. The founder members of Marmarabirlik were respectively Gemlik, Mudanya and Erdek Olive Agriculture Sales Cooperatives. Later that, Orhangazi, İznik, Edincik, Mürefte, and Marmara Island Olive Agriculture Sales Cooperatives were being involved to the union in various date, today, the working area extended from around İznik Lake to south coast of Marmara Sea then Mürefte, a total of eight members cooperatives that has evolved into a union.[1]

It is the largest olive producer in Turkey measured by purchasing, processing and sales capacity. The company has averagely 30,000 tons/year olive purchasing, processing, and sales capacity. Marmarabirlik have found place 345th[2] company with its annual turnover among the list of largest 500 industrial establishment in Turkey, organized by Istanbul Chamber of Industry, it also has ranked 41st.[3] largest company in the area, organized by Bursa Chamber of Industry in the province of Bursa. In addition, the members of Marmarabirlik have 28,500 number of olive farmers[4]

Nowadays, the company also provide new technologies, inputs, and cash credits to its members. In April 2011, Ziraat Bank and Marmarabirlik signed the protocol in order to provide agricultural credits with the rate of 7 per-cent for the members of Marmarabirlik.

Sales and marketing activities[edit]

A logo of Marmarabirlik's trade brand

Marmarabirlik is also known under the slogan The Name of Olive, that meets the domestics and foreign consumers’ needs of black and green table olive, olive oil, and olive paste with averagely 30,000 tons of fresh olive per year, which have received from partners’ of members. Marmarabirlik conducts sales and marketing activities of produced its products to whole of Turkey with 58 dealers in 78 provinces, to Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Northern Cyprus, Bulgaria and to whole Europe with contracted buyer companies and furthermore to Canada and Australia markets especially to America.[6]

A logo of Marmarabirlik's trade brand

Marmarabirlik is not only communicate with its consumers through the dealers, but it is also communicate via the internet. Two web sites were established on the internet for the purpose of corporate operations and e-commerce. The first of these, is an official web site of the union which leads to digital communications with consumers, suppliers, dealers, and members. This web site is published in Turkish and English Languages and has operated since 1997. The other web site is which was launched in 2008 to reach consumers online that the union sells the products. It has also published through Facebook since May 2011.

Marmarabirlik is sold its table olives in 205 different packaging, which are produced by natural fermentation that means untreated olives are placed directly in brine with slight surface depression and without addition of a preservative, is sold depends on size grading with 8 different names (MGA 201 – 230), (HPR 231 – 260), (SPR 261 – 290), (HSS 291 – 320), (EXT 321 – 350), (ELT 351 – 380), (LKS 381 – 410), and (MNY 411 – 460)that means the olives are size-graded by count of the number of furits per kilogramme or hectogramme. The company sells its products under the name of Marmarabirlik, Marbir, and Unimar trade brand. The weight of packs are 125 gr, 200 gr, 250 gr, 400 gr, 480 gr, 500 gr, 800 gr, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg in which are made by cans, vacuum, glass, and plastics. Pasteurizations and sterilizations procedures are applied to all of the packaged olives and no preservations are used by the union. In addition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Riviera Olive Oil are placed on the market with 14 different packs, in wholly hygienic and a modern place. Spicy and plain olive pastes are, also, available in 175 gr. and 340 gr. jar packs and 3 kg can pack as well. Marmarabirlik sells packaged the entire production and, a total of approximately 225 different packages are used for products of green and black table olives, olive oil, and olive paste.[6]


Marmarabirlik was established with joint of Gemlik, Mudanya, and Erdek Olive Agricultural Sales Cooperatives. A year after establishment of Marmarabirlik, Orhangazi Olive Agriculture Sale Cooperative joined the union. Then, in the 1970s and 1980s, Marmarabirlik received other olive agriculture sale cooperatives as a member of the union in the region, in order to increase production capacity. These cooperatives respectively joined the union, İznik in 1970, Edincik in 1976, Mürefte in 1986 and finally Marmara in 1988, and now, the numbers of its members are eight cooperatives.[1]

For today, Marmarabirlik has been established on a total area of 403,000 square meters with a building area 136,000 square meters and an olive storage capacity of 70,400 tons. The union also has an olive packing capacity of approximately 150 tons/day and olive oil production and filling capacity of approximately 220 tons/day in Bursa. In a total, over 600 workers are to be employed throughout the union to be able to manage and use this capacity.[7]

Licensed storage[edit]

In 2004, the development project of Licensed Storage at Unions had been started by initiations of Turkish Ministry of Industry and Commerce and joints of The World Bank, and so, 5300 numbered legal provisions Licensed Storage of Agricultural Products enacted in 2005. Thus, unions aimed to be integrated system of licensed storage which have an important place in the storage of agricultural products and trade.

The total cost of the project was proposed between 70 or 80 million dollars and approximately 35 million dollars were provided in the scope of ARIP loan agreement by The World Bank. The basic principle of licensed storage is to fulfil on time both domestic and international markets’ demand of agricultural products, where providing storage on their classified quality, on hygienic conditions with fair price, is to balance the markets.

Licensed storage activities of Marmarabirlik[edit]

Today at this point, the project is successfully implemented only by Marmarabirlik in Turkey. In the scope of the project, Marmarabirlik had invested a total of 17,050,000 $ and the amount of 50 per-cent of the investment (8,525,000 $) was refunded from The World Bank’s sources within the framework of the Protocol.

This project was started at the end of 2007 and completed at the end of 2008. During this period, construction of Başköy Licensed Olive Storage with a capacity of 7,000 tons, construction of Erdek Licensed Olive Storage with a capacity of 8,000 tons and construction of Başköy Licensed Olive Oil Storage with a capacity of 5,800 litres were completed by the union. In this project, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) tanks, due to more healthy and hygienic, used for preservation and natural fermentation of olives instead of concrete tanks and stainless steel tanks used for olive oil storage as well.[7]

If the necessary of commercial and administrative infrastructure complete before olive harvest period of 2012, joint share licensed olive and olive oil storage company, has 23,000,000 TL (15,000,000) capital sum, will start to serve Turkish olive farmers and traders.

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