Marmiroi church

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Marmiroi church
Native name
Albanian: Kisha e Marmiroit
Orikum, Kisha e Marmiroit.jpg
Marmiroi church and Karaburun ridge on the background
Location Pashaliman
Coordinates 40°18′14″N 19°26′48″E / 40.3040°N 19.4468°E / 40.3040; 19.4468Coordinates: 40°18′14″N 19°26′48″E / 40.3040°N 19.4468°E / 40.3040; 19.4468

Marmiroi church (Albanian: Kisha e Marmiroit) is a church near Pashaliman, Vlorë County, Albania. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.[1]

The church is mentioned in historical records for the first time in 1307. Since it has no narthex, and because of other similarities to other similar churches in Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia, it is thought to have been built in the 12th or 13th century AD, although some researchers have put its construction period in the 10th century. The most accredited hypothesis is that it was dedicated to Saint Mary.[2]


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