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A marquee player is an athlete who is considered exceptionally popular, skilled, or otherwise outstanding, especially in professional sports.[1] Several sports leagues have specific definitions and rules regarding the designation and treatment of marquee players.

In the Liga 1 of the Football Association of Indonesia each team is allowed to designate one marquee players.[2]

In the A-League of the Football Federation Australia each team is allowed to designate two marquee players whose salaries are exempted from the league's salary cap.[3] Similarly, in English Premiership rugby marquee players are excluded from salary cap constraints.[4]

The All India Football Federation requires each I-League team to feature one marquee player. The federation defines "marquee players" as foreign players who have represented their country in one of several international championships. Teams are also allowed to propose other skilled players for the designation.[5] In Indian Super League also there are marquee players.

In World TeamTennis a marquee player is not required to play the entire season and is compensated on a per-match basis. Marquee players are drafted in a marquee draft prior to the roster draft.[6]


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