Marronnier Park

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Marronnier Park
Hangul 마로니에 공원
Hanja 마로니에 公園
Revised Romanization Maronie Gongwon
McCune–Reischauer Maronie Kongwŏn

Marronnier Park (Hangul: 마로니에 공원) is a park in the Daehangno district of Seoul.


At the center of the park is a horse chestnut (marronnier) tree, of the genus Aesculus, for which the park takes its name. The Marronnier originates from the Mediterranean Sea and is quite common in France and Italy where they grow at roadside. From May to June, red or white flowers bloom.

The park opened for Seoulites to enjoy artistic culture. It is located in the former location of Seoul National University. The park is named after the Marronnier growing there.[1]


Though the park is not very large it forms the center of one of Seoul's major theater districts, Daehangno, and is a popular gathering spot for the city's university students.


Hyehwa-dong (Hangul: 혜화동 Hanja: ), Jongno-gu, near number 2 Exit Hyehwa Station of Seoul Metro Line 4.png


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