Martín Abadi

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Martín Abadi
Born 1963
Residence U.S
Fields Cryptography
Institutions Google
University of California, Santa Cruz
Alma mater Stanford University, 1987
Doctoral advisor Zohar Manna

Martín Abadi (born 1963)[1] is an Argentinian computer scientist, currently working at Google. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1987 as a student of Zohar Manna.

He is well known for his work on computer security and on programming languages, including his paper (with Michael Burrows and Roger Needham) on the Burrows-Abadi-Needham logic for analyzing authentication protocols, and his book (with Luca Cardelli) A Theory of Objects, laying out formal calculi for the semantics of object-oriented programming languages.

He is a 2008 Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.[2] In 2011, he was a temporary professor at the Collège de France in Paris,[3] teaching computer security.

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