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Marv may refer to:



  • Marv Goldberg (born 1944), American writer and music historian in the field of rhythm & blues (R&B)
  • Marvin Heemeyer (1951–2004), American muffler shop owner who attacked a Colorado town with a bulldozer
  • Marv Newland, American-Canadian filmmaker who specializes in animation
  • Marv Wolfman (born 1946), American comic book writer

Sports figures[edit]

  • Marv Albert (born 1941), American television and radio sportscaster
  • Marv Harshman (1917–2013), American college men's former basketball coach
  • Marv Levy (born 1925), American football coach of Buffalo Bills and executive
  • Marvin Rotblatt (1927–2013), American left-handed baseball player for the Chicago White Sox
  • Marv Throneberry (1933–1994), American Major League Baseball player

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