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Mary Aloe
Born (1969-07-19) July 19, 1969 (age 46)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Residence Los Angeles, California
Education University of Southern California
Occupation Film Producer
Years active 1995 – present
Home town Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mary Aloe is an American film and television producer, focusing on faith-based, action and drama and the owner of Aloe Entertainment based in Beverly Hills, CA. Her best known movies include Mary Mother of Christ, Battle in Seattle, When a Man Falls in the Forest, While She Was Out, Numb, Tortured, and The Princess and the Marine.

Education and early career[edit]

Aloe was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the youngest of three girls. She moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, where she participated with other students on a music magazine titled "Rock", distributed in 35 countries. Her interest in journalism led her to work as an entertainment reporter for Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly Radio.

Aloe moved to New York and transitioned into producing talk shows, such as CBS's Geraldo. She later moved back to the west coast where she produced a newsmagazine show at Paramount television called Hard Copy. She went on to produce reality TV shows and specials such as The Susan Powter Show (Multimedia Inc), Caught in the Act (NBC/Dick Clark Productions) and Case Closed (USA Network).

Aloe's first executive producer credit was for the Columbia TriStar television movie The Princess and the Marine. She followed with producing feature length films such as When a Man Falls in the Forest, Numb, Battle in Seattle, Tortured, and While She Was Out.


Mary Aloe is a packaging producer. She just Executive produced Ten Thousand Saints starring Ethan Hawke, Emile Hirsch and Hailee Steinfeld that premiered at Sundance Film Fest 2015, after which garnered a great sale with Screen Media and will be released Summer 2015. As well, Mary has Wild Oats with the Weinstein’s is released this summer starting Shirley Maclaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore. And, Mary starts Mary this summer with Lionsgate that she is producing and co wrote, The Ranch and Punjab Tiger.

However her background and first love is reality television. Besides the three shows in development: Throwback, Mama’s Boy and Game of Clones. Mary produced Room 401 jointly with partners Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, premiering on MTV. Mary Aloe is also developing a bevy of reality series Geraldo, the Susan Powter Show, Caught in the Act, Hard Copy, A Current Affair over nine series for network and syndication

Mary Aloe arranged financing and producer many critically acclaimed features were selected for some of the world's most prestigious film festivals. When a Man Falls in the Forest, starring Sharon Stone and Timothy Hutton, was selected for main competition at the Berlin International Film Festival and in the main competition for America's South By Southwest Film Festival; Numb, starring Matthew Perry and Mary Steenburgen, was selected to have its world premiere in the Discovery section at the Tribeca Film Festival; and Battle In Seattle, a political action drama written and directed by Stuart Townsend and starring Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Ray Liotta, Channing Tatum, Andre Benjamin Joshua Jackson, Martin Henderson, Connie Nielsen and Rodriguez. Battle had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in main competition and had the biggest sale at the festival and is being multi-plat formed theatrically across America this fall 2008. Aloe's other films include While She Was Out, a female action thriller starring Kim Basinger and Lucas Haas; executive produced by Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) and jointly produced by Don Murphy (Transformers); and [[Tortured]], starring Laurence Fishburne and James Cromwell , which was released through Magic Box and Sony Pictures. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever with LGE had its theatrical release in the spring of 2009. Aloe's first feature film endeavor was in 2004 and entitled Downtown: A Street Tale, starred Genevieve Bujold and Domenica Scorsese and was released with American World Pictures.

Mary Aloe's foray into the business began in television with producing over eight successful national reality and television talks shows. In 2001, Mary Aloe transitioned into long form television with Columbia TriStar and NBC with The Princess and the Marine, a MOW for NBC Television, the project, chronicling the true story of a Middle Eastern Princess who fell in love with an American Marine, generated so much excitement, it incited the second biggest bidding war in television history. It then became the highest rated Movie of the Week that year for NBC. Aloe executive produced this made for TV movie with Columbia Tri-Star.

Mary Aloe has also affiliated herself with the top organizations in the entertainment industry. She is a member of the following guilds: WEN (Women's Entertainment Network), American Federation of Women in Television and Radio, CAUCUS, Women in Film and First Weekenders Club.

Personal life[edit]

Aloe participates in charities that support children, women, and animals. She is an active supporting member of The Pasadena Humane Society, and Pit Bull Rescue.

Filmography (producer)[edit]



  • Timothy Hill Ranch (2015)
  • Punjab Tiger (2015)
  • Mary (2015) (with Lionsgate)
  • Keeper of the Pinstripes (2013)
  • Bennie (film)|Bennie (2013)
  • Stanley Ann Dunham: A Most Generous Spirit (documentary) (2013)
  • What You Wish For (2012)
  • Pistoleros (2012)
  • Book of Life (2011)


TV movie and TV Shows[edit]


  • Room 401 (2008) TV series (exec. producer, partnered with Ashton Kutcher) MTV
  • The Princess and the Marine (2001) TV Movie (exec. producer)Columbia Pictures/NBC
  • A Current Affair TV series (producer)
  • Geraldo (1991–1992) TV series (producer) CBS
  • Hard Copy (1992–1993) TV series (producer) Paramount Television
  • Caught in the Act (1993 film)|Caught in the Act (1993) TV (producer) Dick Clark Productions/NBC
  • The Susan Powter Show (1994–1995) TV (executive producer) Multimedia Entertainment (syndicated)
  • All Together Now (1995) TV pilot (producer) Columbia Tri-Star Television
  • Case Closed (1990) TV series (producer) USA Network

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