Maryana Naumova

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Maryana Naumova
Наумова Марьяна, награждение на турнире Арнольд Классик.jpg
At the 2013 Arnold Classic
Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova

(1999-04-22) April 22, 1999 (age 20)

Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova (Russian: Мариа́на Алекса́ндровна Нау́мова; born 22 April 1999 in Staraya Russa) is a Russian powerlifter, who specializes in bench press, and is the leading teenage girl in the world in the discipline. She has won multiple world championships, has set over 15 world records in her age category and holds the title of Master of Sport of Russia, International Class.[1]


Is the first female under-18 to be allowed to participate in professional powerlifting tournaments[2]. In March 2015 she participated in the Arnold Classic, establishing the female record in the event Arnold BenchBach, lifting 150 kg (331 lbs). After the tournament she asked Arnold Schwarzenegger to become the President of the United States and normalize Russia–United States relations. She also passed Arnold letters from Donbass children.[2][3]

As part of Russia's support for the Assad government during the Syrian Civil War, Naumova was sent to Damascus at the invitation of Asma al-Assad, the president’s wife.[4]

In commemoration of the late Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, Naumova had joined the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to celebrate Lenin's 146th birthday and lay flowers at the Mausoleum on Red Square. Naumova was awarded the Order of the UCP-CPSU - also known as "Friendship of the People" - for her humanitarian aid work throughout the world. Professional MMA fighter Jeff Monson had also joined Naumova and the Communist Party to celebrate the life and legacy of Lenin.[5]

At the 2016 Arnolds Sports Festival she participated in the SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench competition. She lifted 110 kg and placed 3rd, but was later disqualified due to a positive doping test and suspended from lifting for two years.[6]


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