Maryland's 5th congressional district special elections, 1816

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The 1816 special elections for Maryland's 5th congressional district were to fill two separate vacancies. The 5th district was a plural district, with two seats. Both seats were vacated, the first by Representative Nicholas R. Moore (DR) in 1815, before the 14th Congress even met,[1] and the second by Rep. William Pinkney (DR) on April 18, 1816 after being named Minister to Russia.[1]

Election results[edit]

January election[edit]

The first special election was held on January 27, 1816 to replace Moore.[2]

Candidate Party Votes[3] Percent
Samuel Smith Democratic-Republican 2,515 70.1%
Peter Little Democratic-Republican 1,069 29.8%

Smith took his seat in the 14th Congress on February 4, during the First Session.[1]

September election[edit]

The second election was held on September 3 to fill the vacancy left by Pickney's resignation.[4]

Candidate Party Votes[5] Percent
Peter Little Democratic-Republican 3,367 54.4%
Tobias Stansbury Democratic-Republican 2,816 45.6%

Little took his seat on December 2, at the start of the Second Session.[1]

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