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Mashriq media group is basically a group of newspapers and it has been caring out English and Urdu daily the statesman and Mashriq newspaper. Mr. Syed Taaj Mir Shah is the founder of this group. Mr. Syed Zahir Ali Shah is the chief executive and Mr. Syed Ayaz Badshah has been doing as the chief editor of daily Mashriq.

In 14 of August 2016, Mr. Syed Ayaz Badshah start a news television of Mashriq group of media named Mashriq TV. Mr. Syed Ayaz Badshah has the founder and Chief Executive of Mashriq TV. Mashriq TV is one of the leading news channels of Pakistan. Mashriq TV is a Pushto language Pakistani television news channel Based in Peshawar. Mashriq TV test transmission was launched on August 14, 2016. Mashriq TV is the News, Entertainment and current Affairs TV channel of Mashriq Group of Newspapers, which is a public and commercial media network. Mashriq TV is an inspiration to rebuild Pakistan. It is the personification of our patriotic spirit to serve the nation.