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Business Recorder.jpg
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Business Recorder Group
Founder(s)M.A. Zuberi[1]
EditorWamiq Zuberi (editor-in-chief)
and chief executive officer of Business Recorder Group[2]
Headquarters531 Recorder House, Business Recorder Road
Karachi, Pakistan

Business Recorder is a financial daily newspaper in Pakistan which was founded by M.A. Zuberi. The publication is owned by the Business Recorder Group.[3][4][2]

Historical background[edit]

Business Recorder was launched on 27 April 1965 by veteran journalist M.A. Zuberi (1920 – 12 December 2010), the newspaper's founder. He was first appointed as an apprentice reporter by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1945 at Dawn (newspaper) in Delhi. Before creation of Pakistan in 1947, he had been promoted to the post of Senior Assistant Editor at Dawn (newspaper). He continued to work in that position even in Pakistan until 1964. Then he founded the Business Recorder in 1965 and thus became one of the pioneers of financial journalism in Pakistan.[1][3]

Business Recorder Group holdings[edit]

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