Mastabet el-Fara'un

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Mastabet el-Fara'un

Mastabat Fara'un, located in south Saqqara, Egypt in the Memphite Necropolis, is the burial place of king Shepseskaf, of the Fourth Dynasty.[1]

The structure is located close to the pyramid of Pepi II, pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty. The stone quarry for the structure is located west of the North Pyramid of Sneferu. Its core is built somewhat like a pyramid, which might suggest that it was intended to be transformed into one at some point. There are also remnants of a pyramid temple on the east side, with part of the causeway. A mud brick perimeter wall lies about 15 meters away from the main structure.[2]

Isometric views of the mastaba of Shepseskaf taken from a 3d model


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Coordinates: 29°50′20″N 31°12′54″E / 29.83889°N 31.21500°E / 29.83889; 31.21500