Pyramid G1-b

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Pyramid G1-b
Cave of Pyramid G1-b

G1-b is one of the subsidiary pyramids of the Giza East Field of the Giza Necropolis immediately to the eastern side of the Great Pyramid of Giza, built during the Fourth dynasty of Egypt. It is the central of the three pyramids of the queens, located ten meters south of the Pyramid G1-a. It has a base of 50 meters and had an original height of 30 meters. Egyptologists Mark Lehner and Rainer Stadelmann attribute it to the queen Meritites I. Zahi Hawass, however, attributes it to Queen Noubet who gave birth to Djedefre.


Coordinates: 29°58′42″N 31°8′10″E / 29.97833°N 31.13611°E / 29.97833; 31.13611 (Pyramid G1-b)