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This list presents the vital statistics of the pyramids listed in chronological order, when available.

Pharaoh Ancient name Modern name Dynasty Site Base length x Height (m) Volume (cu.m) Inclination & Notes Image
Djoser Unknown Pyramid of Djoser 3rd
(c. 2686 – 2613 BC)
Saqqara 121w.x109d.x60h. 330,400 [1] Saqqara Pyramid Djoser.jpg
Sekhemkhet unknown
Buried Pyramid 3rd Saqqara 120sq.x7h. 33,600 (unfinished) [2] Sekhemkhet pyramid at Saqqara.jpg
unknown Layer Pyramid 3rd Zawyet el'Aryan 84sq.x20h. 47,040 (possibly unfinished) [3] Khaba pyramid at Zawyet el'Aryan.jpg
Sneferu Snefru endures Pyramid of Meidum 4th Meidum 144sq.x(N.A)h. 638,733 (possibly unfinished) 51° 50' 35"[4] Pyramid of sneferu Meidum 01.jpg
Sneferu Snefru shines in the South Bent Pyramid 4th Dahshur 188sq.x105h. 1,237,040 54° 50' 35" /43° 22'[4] Sneferu's Bent Pyramid in Dahshur
Sneferu Snefru shines in the North Red Pyramid 4th Dahshur 220sq.x105h. 1,694,000 43° 22' Egypt.Dashur.RedPyramid.01.jpg
Khufu Khufu's horizon The Great Pyramid of Giza 4th Giza 230.3sq.x146.6h. 2,583,283 51° 50' 40"[5] Kheops-Pyramid.jpg
Djedefre Djedefre's Starry Sky Pyramid of Djedefre 4th Abu Rawash 106.2sq.x~N.Ah.(Possibly not completed)[6] 131,043 (Unfinished) ~52°[4][6] Abu Rawash Pyramid.jpg
Star of ..?..-Ka Unfinished Northern Pyramid of Zawyet el'Aryan 4th
Zawyet el'Aryan 200sq.x(N.A)h.[8] (Never built) [9]
Khafre Khafre is great Pyramid of Khafre 4th Giza 215.25sq.x143.5h. 2,211,096 53°10'[4] Khafre's Pyramid343.jpg
Menkaure Menkaure is divine Pyramid of Menkaure 4th Giza 103.4sq.x65.5h. 235,183 51°20′25″[10] Menkaures Pyramid Giza Egypt.jpg
Userkaf The pure sites of Userkaf Pyramid of Userkaf 5th
(c. 2498 – 2345 BC)
Saqqara 73.3sq.x49h. 87,906 53°7'48"[4] PyramidOfUserkaf.jpg
Sahure The personality (ba) of Sahure appears Pyramid of Sahure 5th Abusir 78.75sq.x47h. 96,542 50°11'40"[4] SahurePyramid.jpg
Neferirkare Kakai Personality (ba) of Neferirkare Pyramid of Neferirkare 5th Abusir 105sq.x54h. 257,250 54°30'[11] Abousir Neferirkare 02.jpg
Neferefre The power of Neferefre is divine Pyramid of Neferefre 5th Abusir 65sq.x?h. (unfinished) Abousir Neferefre 01.jpg
Shepseskare uncertain Unfinished pyramid of North Abusir 5th Abusir 100sq. Never built, earthwork just started
Nyuserre Ini The seats of Niuserre will endure Pyramid of Nyuserre 5th Abusir 79.9sq.x51.68h. 112,632 51° 50' 35"[12] Pyramid of Niuserre.jpg
Menkauhor Kaiu[13] The divine places of Menkauhor Headless Pyramid 5th Saqqara c.52sq.x?h. n.d. n.d.
Djedkare Isesi Beautiful is Djedkare Pyramid of Djedkare-Isesi 5th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c.107,835 52°[14] Pyramid of Djedkare, Saqqara, 1990ies.png
Unas The places of Unas are beautiful Pyramid of Unas 5th North Saqqara 57.75sq.x43h. 47,390 56°[4] Sakkara C02-29.jpg
Teti The places of Teti are enduring Pyramid of Teti 6th
(c. 2345 – 2181 BC)
North Saqqara 78.5sq.x52.5h. 107,835 53° 7' 48"[15] PiramideTeti.jpg
Pepi I The beauty of Pepi may endure Pyramid of Pepi I 6th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c. 107,835 53° 7' 48"[16]
Merenre The beauty of Merenre appears Pyramid of Merenre 6th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c. 107,835 57°7'48" Pyramid of Merenre, Saqqara, 1990ies.jpg
Pepi II Pepi is established and living Pyramid of Pepi II 6th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x52.5h. c.107,835 53° 7' 48"[5] PepiIIPyramid.jpg
Qakare Ibi unknown Pyramid of Ibi 8th South Saqqara 31.5sq.x21?h. 6,994? 53° 7′[17] Qakare-Ibi-Pyramid.png
Khui unknown Pyramid of Khui First Intermediate Period Dara 146w.x136d.x?h. n.d. n.d.[18] Khui-Pyramid.png
Merikare Flourishing are the abodes of Merikare Pyramid of Merikare 10th Unknown, possibly North Saqqara n.d. n.d. n.d.[19]
Amenemhat I Amenemhat appears at his place Pyramid of Amenemhet I 12th
(c. 1991 – 1803 BC)
Lisht 84sq.x55h. 129,360 54° 27' 44" AmenemhetIPyramid.jpg
Senusret I Senusret beholds the two lands Pyramid of Senusret I 12th Lisht 105sq.x61.25h. 225,093 49° 24'[20] Licht-senwsPyramids 01.jpg
Amenemhat II Amenemhat is provided White Pyramid 12th Dahshur 50sq.x?h. Complexe-amenemhatII.jpg
Senusret II Senusret appears Pyramid of Senusret II 12th Illahun (El-Lahun) 106sq.x48.6h. 185.665 42° 35'[21] SenusretIIPyramid.jpg
Senusret III unknown Pyramid of Senusret III 12th Dahshur 105sq.x78h. 288,488 56° 18' 35"[22] Photo-pyramide-sesostris3.jpg
Amenemhat III Amenemhat is beautiful Pyramid of Amenemhat III 12th Dahshur 105sq.x75h. 274,625 56° 18' 35" BlackPyramidOfAmenemhetIII.jpg
Amenemhat III Amenemhat lives Pyramid of Hawara 12th Hawara 105sq.xc. 58h. 200,158 48° 45' Pyramid of amenemhet hawarra 01.jpg
Amenemhat IV (?) unknown Southern Mazghuna pyramid 12th or 13th South Mazghuna 52.5sq.x?h.(unfinished) n.d. n.d. Mazghouna-sud-photo.jpg
Sobekneferu (?) unknown Northern Mazghuna pyramid 12th or 13th North Mazghuna > 52.5sq.x?h.(unfinished) n.d. n.d. Piramide-mazghuna-nord.png
Ameny Qemau unknown Pyramid of Ameny Qemau 13th
(c. 1790 BC)
South Saqqara 52sq.x c. 35h. c 55° Plan-complexe-ameni-kemaou copie.jpg
Ameny Qemau
(possibly usurped)[23] In the pyramid was found a canopic box naming the king's daughter Hatshepsut.
unknown n.d. 13th Dahshur n.d. n.d. n.d.
Khendjer unknown Pyramid of Khendjer 13th
(c. 1760 BC)
South Saqqara 52.5sq.x c. 37.35h. c. 34,300 55°[24] Khendjer-complexe-1.jpg
unknown unknown Southern South Saqqara pyramid 13th South Saqqara 78.75sq.x?h.(unfinished) n.d. n.d. Plan-anonyme-saqqarah-sud.jpg
Likely Neferhotep I unknown Tomb S9 13th
(c. 1740 BC)
Abydos uncertain unknown Likely to a pyramid, similar to Khendjer's, but possibly a mastaba S9 Abydos.png
Likely Sobekhotep IV unknown Tomb S10 13th
(c. 1730 BC)
Abydos uncertain unknown Likely to a pyramid, similar to Khendjer's, but possibly a mastaba Abydos Tomb S10.png
Ahmose I unknown Pyramid of Ahmose 18th
(c. 1550 – 1292 BC)
Abydos 52.5sq.x c. 10h. n.d. 60°[25] Pyramid of Ahmose, Abydos, 1998.png

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References and notes[edit]

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