Matt and Bubba Kadane

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Matt & Bubba Kadane
OriginWichita Falls, Texas
GenresIndie rock, rock and roll, slowcore
Years active1980s-present
LabelsTrance Syndicate, Touch and Go Records, Plexifilm

Matt and Bubba Kadane is an American musical duo that consists of two brothers, Matt Kadane and Bubba Kadane.[1] They have founded three indie rock bands, serving as producers, songwriters, vocalists, and guitarists in all of them. The first, Bedhead, released three well-received studio LPs before it was disbanded.[2][3][4] The brothers reformed as The New Year in 2001,[5][6][7] and in 2012 they formed the group Overseas with David Bazan and Will Johnson.[8]


Albums with Bedhead[edit]

  • 1992: "Bedside Table/Living Well" (Direct Hit Records)
  • 1993: "The Rest of the Day/I'm Not Here" (Direct Hit Records)
  • 1998: "Lepidoptera/Leper" (Trance Syndicate)

Albums with The New Year[edit]

Albums with Overseas[edit]

  • 2013: Overseas


Performance/production credits[edit]

Performance and production credits for Matt and Bubba Kadane
Yr Release title Artist(s) Label Matt Bubba Role
2001 S/T Chris Brokaw, Viva Las Vegas Acuarela Discos Yes No Performance
2002 Consonant Consonant Fenway Recordings Yes No Performance
2002 Italian Platinum Silkworm Touch and Go Yes No Keyboards
2003 Love & Affliction Consonant Fenway Recordings Yes No Performance
2003 "It Looks Like You" (UK #75) Evan Dando Bar/None Records Yes No Performance
2004 It'll Be Cool Silkworm Touch and Go Yes No Keyboards
2005 Incredible Love Chris Brokaw 12XU Yes No Performance
2006 Music from The O. C. Mix 6 (track "The End's Not Near") Various (Band of Horses) Warner Bros. Records Yes Yes Writers
2006 Chokes Silkworm Comedy Minus One Yes No Performance
2006 An Idiot Not To Appreciate Your Time (track "Clean'd Me Out”) Various Genuflecting Yes Yes Performance
2007 2-song 7-inch Tre Orsi Works Progress No Yes Producer
2008 Takes (track "Bedside Table") Adem Domino Recording Company Yes Yes Writers
2010 Devices and Emblems Tre Orsi Comedy Minus One No Yes Producer
2010 Casual Victim Pile (track "The Engineer") Various Matador Records No Yes Producer

Further reading[edit]

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