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Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Board Members
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Josephine Bartley
Deputy Chair
Don Allan
4 / 7
2 / 7
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1 / 7
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The Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board is one of the 21 local boards of the Auckland Council, which replaced Auckland's eight councils on 1 November 2010. It is the only local board in the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki ward (some wards have more than one local board).

The Maungakiekie-Tāmaki board, named after Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill and the Tamaki River estuary in the board area, covers the suburbs of Glen Innes, Mount Wellington, Onehunga, Oranga, Panmure, Penrose, Point England, Royal Oak, Southdown, Sylvia Park, Tamaki, Te Papapa, Wai o Taiki Bay, and Westfield.[1] The total population residing in the board area as of the June 2009 estimate was 73,000.[2]

The board is governed by seven board members elected from two subdivisions: three from the Maungakiekie subdivision (board area west of the Southern Motorway, excluding Westfield), and four from the Tāmaki subdivision (Westfield and board area east of the Southern Motorway).[2] The first board members were elected with the nationwide local elections on Saturday 9 October 2010.

The current board, as of the 2016 local body elections, consists of:[3]

Name Party Position
Josephine Bartley Labour Chair
Don Allan Deputy Chair
Debbie Burrows Auckland Future
Bernie Diver Auckland Future
Nerissa Henry Labour
Chris Makoare Labour
Alan Verrall Labour

Election reuslts[edit]

2016 election results[edit]

Maungakiekie subdivision[4][edit]

Name Party Votes
Bernie Diver Auckland Future 3183
Don Allan nil 3032
Debbie Leaver Auckland Future 2847
Hema Wihongi Maungakiekie Community Voices 2537
Angelina Weir Maungakiekie Community Voices 2364
Jacqueline Clark Independent 2098
Chris Jenkin Maungakiekie Community Voices 2000
Caroline Gray Independent 1260

Tāmaki subdivision[4][edit]

Name Party Votes
Josephine Bartley Labour 5161
Chris Makoare Labour 4506
Nerissa Henry Labour 4497
Alan Verrall Labour 4227
Tony Smith Independent 2946
Yvonne Dainty Independent 2311
Barbara Shaw Independent 2101
Patrick O'Meara Independent 1173
Bryan Mockridge United Future 1566

2013 election results[edit]

Maungakiekie subdivision[edit]

Name Party Votes
Simon Randall Maungakiekie Team Elected Unopposed
Brett Clark Maungakiekie Team Elected Unopposed
Bridget Graham Maungakiekie Team Elected Unopposed

Tāmaki subdivision[edit]

Name Party Votes
Josephine Bartley Labour 6194
Chris Makoare Labour 5708
Alan Verral Labour 5548
Obed Unasa Labour 4392
Jocelyn Calvert Independent 2587
Patrick O'Meara Independent 2435
Yvonne Dainty Independent 2125
Makelesi Ngata 1847

2010 election results[edit]

Maungakiekie subdivision[edit]

Name Party Votes
Simon Randall Maungakiekie Team 5173
Bridget Graham Maungakiekie Team 4847
Brett Clark Maungakiekie Team 4711
Debbie Leaver Focus Local 3209
Carl Power Citizens & Ratepayers 2440
Roshni Golian Citizens & Ratepayers 2060
Joseph Rebello Citizens & Ratepayers 1425
Kane Te Waaka Independent 904
Walter Wi-Peri 343
Informal 16
Blank 875

Tāmaki subdivision[edit]

Name Party Votes
Leila Boyle Labour 8388
Alan Verral Labour 7523
Josephine Bartley Labour 7432
Chris Makoare Labour 7367
Bob Wakefield Citizens & Ratepayers 4447
Informal 7
Blank 1238

List of board Chairs[edit]

# Name Affiliation Term
1 Leila Boyle Labour 2010-2012
2 Simon Randall Maungakiekie Team 2012-2016
3 Josephine Bartley Labour 2016–Present


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