Wai o Taiki Bay

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Suburb: Wai o Taiki Bay
City: Auckland
Island: North Island
Surrounded by

 - to the north
 - to the east
 - to the south-east
 - to the south
 - to the south-west
 - to the west
 - to the north-west

Glendowie (1.5 km)

Bucklands Beach (2.4 km)
Half Moon Bay (2.4 km)
Farm Cove (2.4 km)
Point England (1.8 km)
Glen Innes (1240 m)
Saint Heliers (2.5 km)

Wai o Taiki Bay is a small Auckland suburb bordering Glen Innes, Glendowie and the Tamaki River estuary. Its name is based on the original name of the Tamaki River, Te Wai o Taiki, meaning "The Waters of Taiki". The name Taiki is a shortened form of Taikehu, the name of an ancestor of Ngāi Tai.[1]

The suburb contains a mix of state houses and architecturally designed houses constructed by developers.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 36°52′19″S 174°52′34″E / 36.871914°S 174.876205°E / -36.871914; 174.876205