Maynard F. Jordan Observatory

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Maynard F. Jordan Observatory
Organization University of Maine
Location Orono, Maine (USA)
Coordinates 44°53′56″N 68°40′3″W / 44.89889°N 68.66750°W / 44.89889; -68.66750Coordinates: 44°53′56″N 68°40′3″W / 44.89889°N 68.66750°W / 44.89889; -68.66750
Established 1901

Maynard F. Jordan Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by University of Maine. Its first telescope was installed at the university in 1901. It is located in Orono, Maine, USA. It is the only public observatory in the state of Maine, USA. Operated by the department of Physics and Astronomy, the eight-inch Alvan Clark telescope is housed under a twelve-foot dome.

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