Mayra Rosales

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Mayra Rosales
Born Mayra Lizbeth Rosales
1980 (age 36–37)
La Joya, Texas, United States
Nationality American, Mexican
Known for Heaviest living woman recorded
Weight 470 kg (1,036 lb)

Mayra Lizbeth Rosales (born 1980) is a Mexican American woman known for being, at one point, the heaviest living woman. At her heaviest, she weighed 470 kg (1,036 lb)[1] but currently weighs about 70 kg (154 lb). In 2012, the US television channel TLC aired a documentary entitled 'Half-Ton Killer?' This was later also screened by UK broadcaster Channel 4. Rosales's case has been featured around the world, and she has given several interviews to media organizations.

Current life[edit]

In 2013, Rosales had lost 800 pounds.[2] She also appeared on Anderson Cooper in 2012 to discuss the changes that she had made.[3] She also appeared on Dr. Oz. Also featured on The View.


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