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Coordinates: 51°22′16″N 2°08′20″W / 51.371°N 2.139°W / 51.371; -2.139

Melksham Without parish council logo on a bus stop near Berryfield
Although Shaw is a small village, it has a church and a primary school

Melksham Without is a civil parish in the county of Wiltshire, England. It surrounds, but does not include, the town of Melksham and is the largest rural parish in Wiltshire, with a population of 7,230 (as of 2011)[1] and an area of 29 square kilometres (7,200 acres).

The parish includes the communities of Beanacre, Berryfield, Redstocks, Sandridge (including Sandridge Common), Shaw, Whitley, The Spa and the sub-town of Bowerhill.

There are 2 electoral wards in this parish (North and South). Again they surround but do not include the town of Melksham. The total ward population taken at the 2011 census was 9,402[2][3]

Unusually the parish shares some land in common with the parish of Broughton Gifford. The parish council operates from an office in Melksham.

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