Melon Diesel

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Melon Diesel
Pop rock
Years active1995–2003
LabelsSony Music
Associated actsTaxi
Area 52
WebsiteWeb Melones
Past membersDylan Ferro
Daniel Fa
Daniel Bugeja
Guy Palmer
Adrian Pozo

Melon Diesel was a Gibraltarian pop rock band, signed by Sony Music, who achieved popularity in Spain.


Melon Diesel started playing under the name of Treehouse in the early 1990s. The name was changed in 1995, based on an alcoholic drink served at a Gibraltar bar, The Admiral Collingwood, where the band used to perform regularly. The group moved to London to work with producer Barry Sage, recording La Cuesta de Mr. Bond.[1] The group split up in 2003 forming two new bands, Area 52 and Taxi.

While Area 52 has remained in the local circuit in Gibraltar, Taxi retains frontman Dylan Ferro and has released two albums with some commercial success in Spain, inheriting a portion of Melon Diesel's fanbase.


La Cuesta de Mister Bond (1999)[edit]

Track listing:[2]

Hombre en el Espejo (2001)[edit]

Track listing:[3]

Real (2003)[edit]

Track listing:[4]

Singles and EPs[edit]

'Single and EP releases'[5]


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