Members of the Victorian Legislative Council, 2010–2014

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This is a list of members of the Victorian Legislative Council, as elected at the 2010 state election and at subsequent appointments.

Name Party Province Term in office
Bruce Atkinson Liberal Eastern Metropolitan 1992–present
Greg Barber Greens Northern Metropolitan 2006–2017
Hon Candy Broad [5] Labor Northern Victoria 1999–2014
Andrea Coote Liberal Southern Metropolitan 1999–2014
Georgie Crozier Liberal Southern Metropolitan 2010–present
Richard Dalla-Riva Liberal Eastern Metropolitan 2002–present
Hon Kaye Darveniza Labor Northern Victoria 1999–2014
David Davis Liberal Southern Metropolitan 1996–present
Philip Davis[3] Liberal Eastern Victoria 1992–2014
Damian Drum National Northern Victoria 2002–2016
Khalil Eideh Labor Western Metropolitan 2006–present
Nazih Elasmar Labor Northern Metropolitan 2006–present
Andrew Elsbury Liberal Western Metropolitan 2010–2014
Bernie Finn Liberal Western Metropolitan 2006–present
Matthew Guy Liberal Northern Metropolitan 2006–2014
Peter Hall[4] National Eastern Victoria 1988–2014
Colleen Hartland Greens Western Metropolitan 2006–present
Hon Gavin Jennings Labor South Eastern Metropolitan 1999–present
David Koch Liberal Western Victoria 2002–2014
Jan Kronberg Liberal Eastern Metropolitan 2006–2014
Shaun Leane Labor Eastern Metropolitan 2006–present
Hon John Lenders Labor Southern Metropolitan 2002–2014
Marg Lewis [5] Labor Northern Victoria 2014
Wendy Lovell Liberal Northern Victoria 2002–present
Cesar Melhem[1] Labor Western Metropolitan 2013–present
Hon Jenny Mikakos Labor Northern Metropolitan 1999–present
Amanda Millar[2] Liberal Northern Victoria 2013–2014
Danny O'Brien[4] National Eastern Victoria 2014–2015
David O'Brien National Western Victoria 2010–2014
Hon Edward O'Donohue Liberal Eastern Victoria 2006–present
Craig Ondarchie Liberal Northern Metropolitan 2010–present
Martin Pakula[1] Labor Western Metropolitan 2006–2013
Sue Pennicuik Greens Southern Metropolitan 2006–present
Donna Petrovich[2] Liberal Northern Victoria 2006–2013
Inga Peulich Liberal South Eastern Metropolitan 2006–present
Jaala Pulford Labor Western Victoria 2006–present
Simon Ramsay Liberal Western Victoria 2010–present
Gordon Rich-Phillips Liberal South Eastern Metropolitan 1999–present
Andrew Ronalds[3] Liberal Eastern Victoria 2014
Johan Scheffer Labor Eastern Victoria 2002–2014
Adem Somyurek Labor South Eastern Metropolitan 2002–present
Lee Tarlamis Labor South Eastern Metropolitan 2010–present
Brian Tee Labor Eastern Metropolitan 2006–2014
Gayle Tierney Labor Western Victoria 2006–present
Matt Viney Labor Eastern Victoria 2002–2014
1 Western Metropolitan Labor MLC Martin Pakula resigned on 26 March 2013. Cesar Melhem was appointed as his replacement on 9 May 2013.
2 Northern Victoria Liberal MLC Donna Petrovich resigned on 1 July 2013. Amanda Millar was appointed as her replacement on 22 August 2013.
3 Eastern Victoria Liberal MLC Philip Davis resigned on 2 February 2014. Andrew Ronalds was appointed as his replacement on 5 February 2014.
4 Eastern Victoria National MLC Peter Hall resigned on 17 March 2014. Danny O'Brien was appointed as his replacement on 26 March 2014.
5 Northern Victoria Labor MLC Candy Broad resigned on 9 May 2014. Marg Lewis was appointed as her replacement on 11 June.