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The Membertou First Nation is a Mi'kmaq First Nation band government in the tribal district of Unama'ki, also known as Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. As of 2012, the Mi'kmaq population is 814 on-Reserve, and approximately 481 off-Reserve.[1]


Membertou Convention Centre, Membertou First Nation, Sydney, Cape Breton.

Membertou is mostly an urban First Nation community. Named after the Grand Chief Henri Membertou (1510-1611) the Membertou First Nation belongs to the greater tribal group of the Mi'kmaq Nation.

Membertou was not always situated at its present location. Many years ago, Membertou (formally known as the Kings Road Reserve) was located just off of Kings Road, along the Sydney Harbour. In 1916, the Exchequer Court of Canada ordered the relocation of the 125 Mi’kmaq; the first time an aboriginal community had been legally forced through the courts to relocate in Canadian history. In 1926, the Membertou Community was officially moved to its present-day location in the vicinity of Mira Road, Nova Scotia.

Membertou First Nation has been successful in diversifying its economy, featuring a convention centre, gaming centre, gas bar, business centre and other investments within the community. The most recent addition is a new hotel that opened in 2012.

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Membertou First Nation is composed of four parts as shown:

Community Area Location Population Date established
Caribou Marsh 29 219.3 hectares (542 acres) 8 km. southwest of Sydney 0 April 28, 1882
Malagawatch 4 (1/5 share) 661.3 hectares (1,634 acres) 62 km. southwest of Sydney 0 August 2, 1833
Membertou 28B 103.6 hectares (256 acres) 1.6 km. south of Sydney 1,015 August 31, 1925
Sydney 28A 5.1 hectares (13 acres) 1.6 km. northeast of Sydney 0 September 7, 1921


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