Memento (Soel album)

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For the album by Dead Can Dance, see Memento (Dead Can Dance album).
Soel lp.gif
Studio album by Soel
Released 2003
Genre Acid Jazz, Electronic
Length 47:55
Label Warner Jazz France
Producer Ludovic Navarre
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Memento is an album by French artist Soel, the stage name of Pascal Ohsé. It is produced by Ludovic Navarre, with whom Ohsé collaborated on the St. Germain albums Boulevard and Tourist, and shares a similar style with many parts of these albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Le Vicomte (5:23)
  2. Shining Pain (4:11)
  3. My Singing Soul (6:59)
  4. Prelude (1:53)
  5. Black Women (5:02)
  6. The Earth Mother (5:35)
  7. To This World (6:06)
  8. The Way U R (4:56)
  9. We Have Died Already (7:46)


  • Victoria "Tori" Robinson, Clement "Clem" Ashford, Chris Henry (Vocals)
  • Edouard Labor (Saxophone, flute, alto flute)
  • Rachid Mouna (Baritone saxophone)
  • Mike Clinton (Bass)
  • Edmundo Carneiro (Percussion)
  • Pascal Ohsé (Trumpet)
  • Edivandro Borges (Trombone)
  • Frantz Calcul, Alex Legrand (Guitars)
  • Didier Davidas (Keyboards)
  • Ludovic Navarre (Musical direction, production, mixing)

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