Mendocino Brewing Company

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Mendocino Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1983
Headquarters Ukiah, California, US
Products Beer
Owner Vijay Mallya, UB Group

Mendocino Brewing Company (OTCQBMENB) is a brewery founded in 1983 as the Hopland Brewery in the Mendocino County town of Hopland, California, USA. The brewery has since expanded and moved its operations to a larger Mendocino County facility located in Ukiah, California. Additionally, the company operated the Mendocino Brewing Ale House in Ukiah until January 12, 2018.


The Hopland Brewery was founded in 1983 by homebrewers Michael Laybourn and Norman Franks who purchased the brewing equipment of the recently closed New Albion Brewing Company. Former New Albion brewers, Jack McAuliffe and Don Barkley, were hired to operate the brewery.[1] The flagship beer was named Red Tail Ale, named after both the beer's color and also a local hymn titled "The Redtail Hawk".[1] The theme of naming all its beer varieties after birds continues to this day.

Opened on August 14, 1983, the Hopland Brewery was the first California brewpub ‒ a brewery licensed to sell both its own beer and food at the same location ‒ as well as the second in the United States.[1][2][3]

In 2014 Northwest Labor Press listed Mendocino Brewing as the only unionized craft brewery they could find. The Ukiah facility is represented by the Teamsters.[4]

Public offering[edit]

In 1994, the company went public in a "Direct Public Offering", advertising its share offering with flyers in six-packs of its beer.[5] In 1997, Vijay Mallya, owner of the UB Group, bought a significant portion of the company,[6] and today is the beneficial owner of approximately three-quarters of the company's stock.[7]


Its brews include Red Tail Ale, Blue Heron Pale Ale, Eye of the Hawk Select Ale, and Black Hawk Stout, as well as several other regular offerings, and various short-run seasonal offerings. Their products are all named for birds of prey, excepting Blue Heron, and feature images of the birds on their labels.

As part of the acquisition by UB Group, the company owns a brewery in Saratoga Springs, New York, and produces Kingfisher brand beers for the U.S. market.


The brewery is also the official sponsor of the Mendocino Steam Donkeys Rugby Football Club, a local men's Division III rugby union team.[8]

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