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Menna Patricia Humphreys Gallie (1919[1]–1990) was a Welsh novelist and translator.

Menna Patricia Humphreys was born in Ystradgynlais, and attended Swansea University, where she met the philosopher W. B. Gallie. They were married in 1940, and had a son and a daughter.[2] Both were politically active, with a commitment to democratic socialism.[3]

She is best known for her novels in the English language, and as the translator of Caradog Prichard's Un Nos Ola Leuad, under the title Full Moon.

One reviewer commented on her "characteristically robust humor."[4] Another said "Menna Gallie, a sort of Welsh Edna O'Brien, writes beady-eyed, bawdy-tongued entertainments calculated to stir recognition in women and discomfiture in men (were they to read it)."

Her first novel Strike for a Kingdom is "both an engrossing detective novel and a social panorama of a small Welsh village during the 1926 General Strike".[5] It was reprinted by Honno, the Welsh Women's Press, in 2003, with an introduction by Angela John.[6] It was dramatised by BBC Radio 4 in 2012.[7] by Diana Griffiths.

Man's Desiring (1960) was described by a reviewer as a novel with "warm and winning ways" a gentle comedy of contrasts about a Welsh man and an English woman at a Midlands university.[8]

The Small Mine tells the tale of a young collier's death in an industrial accident in the same fictional village created in Strike for a Kingdom.[9] It was dramatised for BBC Radio 4 in 2004 by Diana Griffiths.

Travels with a Duchess is the journey of a menopausal wife from Cardiff who loses her luggage en route to Yugoslavia and abandons her usual ways in favor of adventure and 'debauchery'.


  • Strike for a Kingdom (1959) (reprinted 2003, 2011); shortlisted for Gold Dagger Award
  • Man's Desiring (1960)
  • The Small Mine (1962) (reprinted 2003, 2010)
  • Travels with a Duchess (1968) (reprinted 1996, 2011)
  • You're Welcome to Ulster! (1970) (reprinted 2010)
  • In These Promiscuous Parts (1974)


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