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The Australian Meritorious Service Medal (1902–75) was initially awarded to (Australian) Army non-commissioned and warrant officers who had served for at least 24 years.[1][2] Previously, (prior to federation), the individual States awarded the medal. Subsequently, the medal was awarded more widely.[2][3]

There have been a variety of similar versions of the medal awarded throughout the Commonwealth, including the Meritorious Service Medal (United Kingdom) (Navy, Army and Air Force versions), the Meritorious Service Medal (New Zealand) and others, each varying with the service, the country and the monarch at the time of the award. (e.g.[4][5]) Similarly named medals are also awarded by non-Commonwealth countries – see Meritorious Service Medal for examples.

Australians were awarded 1222 or 1237 Meritorious Service Medals for gallantry or meritorious service in connection with the First World War.[3][6][7] The AWM database contains information on 1,216 awards of the MSM,[8] and 14 awards of the MSM for Gallantry.[9] The It's an Honour database contains 1,256 entries, but there are many duplicate entries. Neither source provides any information about awards after 1920, (the most significant being to Keith Payne VC AM).


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