Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee

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The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (formerly the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee) is a select committee of the House of Lords that refers secondary legislation, such as statutory instruments, to the House that it considers interesting or important. This is unlike the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments and Commons Select Committee on Statutory Instruments, which only scrutinise instruments for legal and drafting defects. The specific criteria used by the Committee are whether the legislation—

  1. is politically or legally important or gives rise to issues of public policy likely to be of interest to the House
  2. may be inappropriate in view of changed circumstances since the enactment of the parent Act
  3. may inappropriately implement European Union legislation
  4. may imperfectly achieve its policy objectives.

The committee adopted its current name on 15 May 2012 principally because of the addition of Public Bodies Orders under the Public Bodies Act 2011.


As of 19 November 2016, the membership of the committee is as follows:[1]

Member Party
Lord Trefgarne (Chairman) Conservative
Baroness Andrews Labour
Lord Bowness Conservative
Lord Goddard of Stockport Liberal Democrats
Lord Haskel Labour
Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts Conservative
Baroness Humphreys Liberal Democrats
Lord Janvrin Crossbench
Baroness O'Loan Crossbench
Lord Rowlands Labour
Baroness Stern Crossbench


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