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Halifax Transit logo
MetroX bus
MetroX Logo
Locale Halifax, Nova Scotia
Transit type Bus
Number of lines 3 express routes
Key people Dave Reage, Director
Headquarters 200 Ilsley Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Began operation August 31, 2009
Operator(s) Halifax Transit

MetroX is a rural express bus service operating in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Operated by Halifax Transit, MetroX service is available on three limited-stop fully accessible express routes within the Halifax Regional Municipality. All routes link to downtown Halifax, with one from Upper Tantallon, one from Fall River and Halifax Stanfield International Airport, and one from Porters Lake.


The MetroX service began on August 31, 2009. MetroX was developed designed with the weekday commuter in mind. When fully rolled out MetroX will bring express transit to Park & Ride lots along 100-series highways within HRM, along the three 100-series highways that lead into the Halifax Regional Municipality; those highways being Highway 102, Highway 103 and Highway 107. At the end of August, 2009, MetroX service began with weekday service from Tantallon to Downtown Halifax. In May 2012, daily service along the Highway 102 corridor began between Halifax Stanfield International Airport and Downtown Halifax. Weekday service on the Highway 107 corridor began on November 18, 2013.

Current Routes[edit]

All MetroX routes are limited-stop services, stopping only at major terminals and the rural destinations.

330 Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake

Route 330 Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake provides express service between Upper Tantallon, Sheldrake Lake (Hubley) and Duke/Albermarle Street, along the Highway 103 corridor. The route stops at the following locations:

  • Upper Tantallon (Tantallon Plaza)
  • Sheldrake Lake (Hubley)
  • Duke/Albermarle Street

The route operates on three variations, Halifax to Sheldrake Lake onto Upper Tantallon, Halifax to Sheldrake Lake and Halifax to Upper Tantallon (and vice versa).

320 Airport/Fall River

Route 320 Airport provides express service between Halifax Stanfield International Airport and Duke/Albermarle Street, along Highway 102, Highway 118 and Highway 111. The route stops at the following locations:

370 Porters Lake

Route 370 Porters Lake provides service in the Highway 107 corridor between Duke/Albermarle Street and Porters Lake. The route stops at the following locations:

Fare Structure[edit]

Effective September 30, 2013[1]

The MetroExpress service has its own fare structure, separate from the rest of the Halifax Transit system. Cash fares cost an extra one dollar over and above the regular fares. MetroExpress has its own monthly bus pass, the MetroX Pass, which can be used on any Halifax Transit service. Passengers may use regular transit tickets or monthly bus passes (MetroPass), but must deposit an additional one dollar into the farebox. If MetroLink passes or transfers are used an additional fifty cents must be deposited

Category Cash Fare MetroX Pass Regular ticket, MetroPass, UPass or transfer MetroLink Pass or transfer
Adult $3.50 $111.00 +$1.00 +$0.50
Senior/Child $2.75 N/A +$1.00 +$0.50
Student $3.50 N/A +$1.00 +$0.50

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