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STC rapid transit
One of the murals painted on the Metro Universidad Station. It was painted by Arturo García Bustos and titled La Universidad en el umbral del siglo XXI and dated 1989.
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°19′28″N 99°10′26″W / 19.324427°N 99.17397°W / 19.324427; -99.17397Coordinates: 19°19′28″N 99°10′26″W / 19.324427°N 99.17397°W / 19.324427; -99.17397
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
towards Indios Verdes
Línea 3 Terminus

Metro Universidad (also frequently called Metro C.U., from ciudad universitaria) is a station on the Mexico City Metro.[1][2] It is located in the southern reaches of Mexico City, in Coyoacán borough.[1] A surface station, it is the current terminus of Line 3.[1][3] The station was opened on 30 August 1983.[3]

Metro Universidad logo.jpg

The station logo is a crest bearing a bird with the head of a condor and of an eagle, and the legend "Por mi Raza hablará el Espíritu"; this is the official coat of arms of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), which the station serves.[1][2]

This metro terminal is multimodal, connecting with microbus lines that serve zones like Tlalpan, Ajusco, Milpa Alta and Contreras. It also connects with the UNAM's internal bus base, with buses that give free service on the campus, between schools, institutes and sports facilities, including the México 68 Olympic Stadium.[4] It also serves the Pedregal de Santo Domingo and Copilco el Alto neighbourhoods.[1]

Metro Universidad also has facilities for the handicapped, and a large mural depicting the history of UNAM.[1]

Scenes for the 1990 motion picture Total Recall were filmed in Metro Universidad.


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