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King of Lan Xang
Reign 1429 - 1430
Coronation 1429
Predecessor Phommathat
Successor Khon Kham
Born Muang Sua, Lan Xang
Died 1429
Phadao, Lan Xang
Regnal name
Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Yugandhara
Dynasty Khun Lo
Father Lan Kham Deng
Mother Keo Poum Fa
Religion Therevada Buddhism

Yukhon (also Meunsai) was the fifth king of the Lao kingdom of Lan Xang. He was the younger brother of Phommathat, and possibly a minor. He ruled 8 months but Nang Keo Phimpha (the de facto ruler of the kingdom) soon became dissatisfied with his performance as king and planned to have him executed. He fled but was assassinated at Phadao on orders from Nang Keo Phimpha.[1]

Preceded by
King of Lan Xang
Succeeded by
Khon Kham