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Michael "Mike" Eury is an editor and writer of comic books, and of reference works pertaining to comic books and their history. He has worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics[1] and Comico Comics, and is the editor of Back Issue!.[2] He is also an advisor for the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.[3]

Eury was diagnosed with otosclerosis in 1994, and wears dual hearing aids; as a result, he is an advocate for the rights of people with hearing loss.[4]


Eury's first published work was a review in the Fantagraphics magazine Amazing Heroes in 1986.[5] In 1988, he joined the staff of Comico Comics, where he remained until 1989, at which point he moved to DC Comics.[6]

At DC, he began as an editor, and within eight months was Dick Giordano's assistant. In 1992, he resigned from DC due to interpersonal conflicts, which he attributes largely to his then-undiagnosed hearing difficulties.[7] In 1993, he began work at Dark Horse Comics as an editor, but left in 1995 for the same reasons.[citation needed]

In 2002, Eury began work for TwoMorrows Publishing, writing Captain Action: The Original Super-Hero Action Figure, a guidebook to the character Captain Action.[citation needed] This led to his becoming the founder and editor of Back Issue!, and to his creation of several more reference works for TwoMorrows, including the Krypton Companion and the Justice League Companion.[citation needed]


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