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Michelle Wibowo (born 1978, Indonesia) is a British sugar craft artist whose specialty is making sculpted cakes and sugar sculpture


She graduated from the National Bakery School and begin career in cake decorating in London. Her first international success was in October 2008 when she was awarded a gold and silver medal for her creations in International Exhibition of Culinary Art in Germany. She created a lifesize hound dog shape sugar sculpture which won her gold and picked up silver for a cake of Elizabeth I of England.[1]

In July 2009, she created a giant cupcake measuring 2 meters by 1.25 meters, to feed thousands of Covent Garden real food market visitor.[2] [3]

In September 2010, Wibowo's creation is on display as part of Experimental Food Society Spectacular with other Britain's leading food artist.[4][5] [6]


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