Michiro Endo

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Michiro Endo
Born (1950-11-15) November 15, 1950 (age 66)
Origin Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, Japan
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, author, actor
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass
Years active 1979–present
Labels King
Associated acts The Stalin, Notalin's, M.J.Q
Website Official website

Michiro Endo (遠藤 ミチロウ Endō Michirō?, born November 15, 1950) is a Japanese musician, author and socialist activist.[1] Known as frontman of the influential punk band The Stalin.

Endo was born in Nihonmatsu and graduated from Yamagata University. After college he wandered through Vietnam and Southeast Asia. He formed The Stalin in 1980, they went on to be one of the dominant acts of the 80s Japanese punk rock scene.

Endo released his first solo material in 1984. In 2002 he formed the trio Notalin's. Two years later, he and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant drummer Kazuyuki Kuhara formed the acoustic trio M.J.Q, who's motto is "unplugged punk".

On December 1, 2010 two tribute albums were released. One entitled Romantist - The Stalin, Michiro Endo Tribute Album, which features bands such as Buck-Tick, Dir en grey, Group Tamashii and Jun Togawa covering The Stalin and Endo's solo songs.[2] The other Red Demon, Blue Demon - Michiro Endo 60th Birthday Anniversary Tribute Album, features different artists and was first released at Endo's concert on November 14 to coincide with his 60th birthday.

Endo is still active on the live scene, as a solo performer, playing in M.J.Q, or with the occasional The Stalin concert.

Early life and work[edit]

Before entering his professional music career, Endo spent time traveling through southeast Asia.

He is known for his radical stage antics, having once thrown a severed pig's head into the audience.[3][4]



  • "Aogeba Totoshi" (仰げば尊し?, 1984, 1985)
  • "Odyssey-1985-Sex" (オデッセイ・1985・Sex Odessei-1985-Sex?, 1985)
  • "Lucky Boy" (1987)


  • Betonamu Densetsu (ベトナム伝説 Vietnam Legend?, 1984)
  • The End (1985)
  • Odyssey-1985-Sex (オデッセイ・1985・Sex Odessei-1985-Sex?, 1985)
  • Ameyujyutotechitekenjya (アメユジュトテチテケンジャ Please Take Ameyuki?, 1985)
  • Get the Help! (1985)
  • Hasan (破産 Bankruptcy?, 1986)
  • Terminal (1987)
  • Shime Tatarime (死目祟目 Death Eyes Curse Eyes?, 1993)
  • Sora ha Ginnezumi (空は銀鼠 The Sky is Silver-grey?, 1994)
  • 50 (Half) (1995)
  • Ai-suru tame niha Uso ga iru (愛するためにはウソがいる Love needs lies?, 1995)
  • Ai to Shi wo Mitsumete (愛と死をみつめて Fix your eyes on Love and Death?, 1996)
  • Michiro (道郎 Michirō?, 1997)
  • Off (2000)
  • Aipa (2000)
  • Notalin's (2004, with Notalin's)
  • I, My, Me / Amami (2005)
  • Unplugged Punk (2006, with M.J.Q)
  • Kiga-Kiga Kikyo (2007)
  • Aipa (December 12, 2009)
  • Tenbatsu Nanka Kuso Kurae Tsu!!! (天罰なんかクソ喰らえっ!!!?, March 16, 2011, with M.J.Q)

Other work[edit]


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