Middle Saxons

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Kingdom of the Middle Saxons
Life span?
The Kingdom of Essex.
Capital London
Languages Old English, Latin
Religion Paganism, Christianity
Government Monarchy
Legislature Witenagemot
Historical era Heptarchy
 •  Established Enter start year
 •  Disestablished Enter end year
Preceded by
Sub-Roman Britain
Middle Saxons (yellow) shown within Mercia

The Middle Saxons or Middel Seaxe were a people whose territory later became, with somewhat contracted boundaries, the county of Middlesex, England. It included the early London settlement, and probably Surrey, the "south region" of the Middle Saxon territory.

The name reflects the situation of these people being in the middle between the West Saxons and the East Saxons. Unlike these neighbours, the Middle Saxons did not manage to create a lasting kingdom of their own. Rather, the area became part of the Kingdom of Essex,[1] but was ceded to Mercia in the 9th century (825).[2]


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