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Midmar is a historic settlement in Aberdeenshire north of Banchory and southwest of Inverurie, 15 miles west of Aberdeen. It is noted for its three stone circles and several standing stones.


Midmar Kirk and Stone Circle
Midmar, Recumbent stone circle in the kirkyard
Midmar Stone Circle
Standing Stones at Midmar

Midmar is a largely rural community, and links to Midmar Castle and Midmar Manor House. The castle dates from the 16th century.[1]

The current church dates from 1787 but the surrounding graveyard is older and the ancient stone circle, within the churchyard grounds, is of great antiquity.[2] The previous church, St Nidian's, was located over half a kilometre to the south and now forms part of a scheduled monument that includes a medieval motte known as Cunningar Motte.[3][4]

The oil boom in the 1970s created a temporary burst in building due to the village's proximity to Aberdeen.[5]

Local community events centre around the Midmar Hall.

Stone Circles[edit]

All stones date from the Bronze Age.[6]

Midmar stone circle lies adjacent to the parish church, and since it clearly predates the church, appears to have been a pre-Christian religious site, re-ascribed when the church was built. The 17m diameter circle features stones up to 2.5m high and has been described as "fang-like and demonic" and as a "megalithic portal".[7][8]

Sunhoney stone circle lies slightly east of the village at Sunhoney Farm.[9]

Cullerlie stone circle lies further east.[10]

A number of the stones are "recumbent" (lying down) apparently an original design feature, rather than a fallen stone. This feature is found throughout Aberdeenshire.[11] The three circles are supplemented by other standing stones of similar date, scattered throughout the area.

Notable Residents[edit]

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Coordinates: 57°09′N 2°31′W / 57.15°N 2.52°W / 57.15; -2.52