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Mike Wead
Mike Wead.jpg
Mike Wead
Background information
Birth name Mickael Vikström
Born (1967-04-06) 6 April 1967 (age 50)
Boden, Sweden
Genres Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Thrash metal
Occupation(s) musician, studio engineer
Instruments guitar, keyboard
Years active 1987–present
Associated acts Hexenhaus, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, bibleblack, The Project Hate MCMXCIX
Website myspace.com/mikeweadofficial

Mike Wead (real name Mickael Vikström) (born 6 April 1967), is a Swedish guitarist who lives in Stockholm. Wead contributed to heavy metal bands such as Hexenhaus, Memento Mori, Abstrakt Algebra, The Haunted, Edge of Sanity, Candlemass, The Project Hate. Currently Wead is the guitarist of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, and bibleblack.[1] As a guitarist in King Diamond, Wead shares lead guitar duties with Andy LaRocque. Wead also works as a producer and sound engineer.



With Mercyful Fate[edit]

  1. Dead Again (1998)
  2. 9 (1999)

With King Diamond[edit]

  1. Abigail II: The Revenge (2002)
  2. The Puppet Master (2003)
  3. Deadly Lullabyes Live (2004)
  4. Give Me Your Soul... Please (2007)

With Hexenhaus[edit]

  1. A Tribute to Insanity (1988)
  2. At the Edge of Eternity (1990)
  3. Awakening (1991)
  4. Dejavoodoo (1997)

With Candlemass[edit]

  1. Nightfall (1987)
  2. As It Is, As It Was (1994)
  3. Leif Edling The Black Heart of Candlemass (2002)

With Memento Mori[edit]

  1. Rhymes of Lunacy (1993)
  2. Life, Death, and Other Morbid Tales (1994)
  3. La Danse Macabre (1996)
  4. Songs for the Apocalypse Vol IV (1997)

With Abstrakt Algebra[edit]

  • Abstrakt Algebra (1995)

With Bibleblack[edit]

  • The Black Swan Epilogue (2009)

With Escape The Cult[edit]

  • All You Want To (2014)

Selected Guest Appearances[edit]

With Memory Garden

  • Verdict of Prosterity (1998)

With Edge of Sanity

With Notre Dame

  • Demi Monde Bizarros (2004)

With In Aeternum

  • Dawn of the New Aeon (2005)

With Elvenking

With Her Whisper

  • The Great Unifier (2008)

With Sinners Paradise

  • The Awakening (2009)

With Kamlath

  • Stronger Than Frost (2010)

With The Project Hate MCMXCIX

With Deadlands

  • Evilution (2012)

With Pharaoh

  • Bury the Light (2012)

With Snowy Shaw

With Minions

  • Soul Mirror (2013)

With Entombed

  • When in Sodom (2012)

With Zoromr

  • Corpus Hermeticum (2015)


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