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Général de corps d'armée Dary, military governor of Paris from 2007 to 2012.

The Military Governor of Paris has a very old and prestigious post in the French Army. He commands the garrison of Paris and represents all the military based in Paris at high state occasions. He is also responsible (subordinate to the President of France) for organizing major national ceremonies such as the Bastille Day Military Parade down the Champs-Élysées.

The foundation of the post is blurred, but it has subsequently evolved in two phases. Under the Ancien Régime, its role was limited in comparison to his colleagues in the provinces, who represented the king in his absence, whereas in Paris the king was present. The post was dispensed with at the time of the French Revolution before being re-established by Napoleon I of France in 1804, when it was reinforced by becoming a military-command role.

List of governors[edit]

Military Governors of Paris under the Ancien Régime[edit]

Commandants généraux de la force armée à Paris[edit]

Military Governors of Paris after the French Revolution[edit]

German occupation[edit]

Under the German occupation of France, Paris had at least three German military governors:

Military Governor of Paris since 1944[edit]


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